Ensure the health, safety and protection of students and customers all year-round with our choice selection of galvanized steel and architectural grade PVC fabric walkways. From our COLA (covered outdoor learning area) shade to the aluminum frame of the cantaport to the innovative cantilevered design that brilliantly optimises space, we’ve got your walkway effectively covered

Combining functionality, quality materials and visual appeal, these cost effective, durable and long lasting structures are to be found adorning schools and residential and commercial environments across Melbourne and beyond. As a market leader in the design, construction and installation of premium quality walkway structures, the team at Future Shade continues to forge a reputation for innovation and service nationwide.

Born from a collaborative process involving our team of designers, engineers, construction team and you, we aim to exceed expectations. We combine premium quality steel frames and a selection of roofing materials chosen to complement any space and every project. Our varied selection also includes the efficiency of the cantilever design which cleverly minimises the amount of posts required, making it ideal for when space and functionality are critical. All of our walkways provide maximum shelter 24/7, 365 days a year.

From hot dip galvanised steel and rolled steel rafters to our COLA shade and cantilever functionality, our walkways effectively protect against the elements, guarding against the sweltering heat, wind and rain and are suitable for use in:

  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Childcare centres
  • Amphitheaters
  • Recreational areas
  • Small lunch areas
  • Walkways
  • Sports courts
  • Playground equipment areas
  • Quadrangles
  • Pools
  • Shopping Centres
  • Public parks
  • Car parks
  • Bus shelters

For Steel That Shields

At Future Shade we pride ourselves on our high performing selection of walkways including our galvanised steel frame structures with architectural grade PVC membrane fabric that provides effective protection from the weather all year round. Featuring rolled steel rafters, 100% UV block and a selection of roofing options such as colourbond roofing in order to complement the environment the structure is fitting into. Offering a width of 2mt or 2.5mt and a length with no limits, the steel framed walkway features a 15-year warranty and a choice of gutters as optional. Is suitable for all projects where shade and protection are vital.

An example of our steel framed walkway can be found at the Kororoit Creek Primary School. The team successfully constructed 250mt of covered waterproof walkways featuring barrel vault shades designed to shield a number of portable buildings throughout the school.

Covered Outdoor Learning Area

Covered Outdoor Learning Area Shade for all Students

Offering all weather protection and exceptional durability, the COLA shade is designed to enhance a space in a minimally intrusive way. Not only cost effective, these waterproof structures feature circulars columns in order to keep children safe within their play areas. Designed to encourage students to spend more time outside, the covered outdoor learning area shade can be fully customised to complement existing structures in the immediate area.

Consider the Cantaport

The next generation of carports and multi-functional shade sails, the cantilevered cantaport provides an aesthetically pleasing shading solution that is both durable and effective. Built to withstand the variable Australian climate it features a polycarbonate roofing shield and delivers 100% UV blockage for optimal protection. The cantaport can be found shielding playgrounds, carports, carparks, shopping centres and hotel entrances across Australia and comes with a 10-year warranty on all components.

Outdoor Shade Sail Specialists

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