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Shade Sails for Plenty Valley Westfields new Magic Hand Carwash
July 1, 2016
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Why Building a Carport is an Investment
October 26, 2016
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Future Shade

About the Project

Situated in one of Melbourne’s fast growing suburbs, Arcare Craigieburn offers contemporary architecture with stylish interiors to all residents and staff. In order to provide residents with an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that is both engaging and protective, Arcare deployed the services of Future Shade for their expertise in shade sails and Cantaports. With the brief set, the team set about the construction of shading solutions that complemented the existing structures while providing optimal UV protection and defence against the wind, rain, hail, sun and heat.

The Solution

The customisation of shade sails for the coverage of common walkways and outdoor seating areas alongside the installation of a Cantaport, to encourage residents to avail of the relaxing outdoor environment regardless of the weather.

Installing UV stabilised high density polyethylene shade sails in classic black, the team at Future Shade erected the shading solution in common areas to ensure that Arcare are affording their residents and staff of responsible shading solutions.

Featuring a unique high quality lock-stitch they are covered with a 10 year UV warranty.The black Cantaport KCR 5130 was selected not only for its visual appeal and cutting edge design but for its 100% UV block and space optimisation capacity. Again installed in a common area, to provide a protective environment for residents and staff as they enjoy the outdoor space, the Cantaport is a durable structure that also comes with a 10-year warranty on all components.

The Cantaport also reduce heat by 75% ensuring a comfortable environment for residents in the summer months.

The Result

Beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing shading structures that complement the existing architecture and environment. Offering extensive UV, wind, and rain protection, Arcare now boasts an outdoor space that can help facilitate the well-being of its residents and weather protection that endorses a high level of care for both staff and the residents on site. Featuring 10-year warranty on both shade sails and Cantaport, this is a cost effective and durable solution for the client.

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